Monday, 17 June 2013

Working Out And Going Gluten Free :)

Hey Guys!
 I have been working out the gym. I bike to the gym, work out, then bike home. Naz, who is my trainer, is awesome for pushing me to new heights and building up my confidence. He is teaching me how to work out, using the equipment.  I have been feeling great these days, feeling fit and building muscle mass.
I'm going gluten free, since my mom's friend read in a book it helps ADHD teens. Since I started, I feel so good and happy. I feel more focused in my classes lately. I eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Even tried rice pasta tonight and it was pretty good. I do miss eating bread though. I'm going to keep it up because I think it makes a difference in my mood and my life. Today it has been a week since I started going gluten free.
Going to the gym,

Day 5 - Coconut Husking Adventure

Hey Guys !
I had a mission when I went to the beach and saw coconuts in a palm tree. I was determined to knock one down, husk it and drink the milk. I felt like I was a local 'islander' fending for my food. I
I  husked the coconut and the coconut water was so tasty...... very satisfying to drink, after all that hard work!

Day 3 Hawaii- Surf/Sea Turtle

Hey guys I have been kinda lazy at keeping up with my trip so here it is
some other things I liked about the trip.
One, was the beach and the ocean. We swam  everyday. We went snorkelling a few times. The fish were so colourful and I even swam with a sea turtle. I saw one poop in the water....kind of gross, but gnarly.
I tried to catch some waves on a boogie board. One day the surf got me. It was very strong and pulled me under and I hurt my shoulder. It was kind of crazy, man.
Hang loose,

Day Four In Hawaii - Cheap desserts And Shopping

Hey Guys !
We stayed in a nice  hotel that had a kitchen. We went on a few Costco runs. We tried Marlin jerky and Maui jerky. It was so good that we brought some home. We also tried chocolate covered mac nuts. Pricey, but so good. My sister and I started a new found craving of frozen yogurt. A large vanilla and chocolate twist cone was only a $1.05. My mom was easily convinced it was a good deal.
Hilo Hatties is well known in the town of Kona. It is popular for tourists. When you go in the door, there is a lady with shell leis and she places one on each customer. Royal treatment much?
Also there was samples of fresh brewed Kona coffee. I wasn't really interested into shopping, so I chatted with the two employees at the entrance for quite some time. They were shocked when I told them how old I was. (I am tall for my age)
When I told them about my dream of becoming a DJ, surprisingly, they were very encouraging. They told me to not give up and keep on pushing towards my dream of DJing. I felt very encouraged that total strangers would say that.

I found some cheap awesome hats that I fell in love with.  One said 'Hang Loose' Hawaii and one that had the hawaii islands on it. For four dollars....why not? The other is bright orange with the hawaiian islands on it. The big island is the dot in the word Hi. so boss.
The other cool purchase was a retro aloha shirt. It is black and white and sweet! One of a kind, I would say.
Hang Loose,

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Someone Blogged About Me!

Hey everybody!
A guy on soundcloud came across my mash up and it turns out that blogged about me
Trey Copland and I met on soundcloud awhile back and he thought my mash up was pretty good.

Check it.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No Label Just Fans ...... Transit

Hey everyone, my bro Transit, AKA Dan Bennett, has just released his third full length album called Stale.  I personality think he is a very deep song writer and has sick beats and gnarly DJ scratches in his song. DJ Crosswalk is Transit's main DJ and he sticks by his side.
 Transit has three full length albums and one EP. Here is the link for the free ep.( The first one is called Insufficient Funds and was released on September 25th, 2010. The second is called 22 since Transit turned 22 the year it was released on November 11th, 2011. The third one is called Stale and was just released on January 3, 2013. 
Here is a recent remix he did of sail.
He wrote recorded and posted up on youtube  in three hours.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 3 hawaii trip antique stores and more

Hey everybody! It is day three in Kona and we are going to see a good family friend. His name is Michael. We planned to meet him for lunch.
First, we did some cruising in old antique stores, searching for records of course!
Then I saw it !! What?  you may ask. The album Machine Head by Deep Purple. I was in heaven for a minute or two..... then I returned back to earth. The condition of that record was mint gold and it was only 10 bucks! Michael, our family friend, bought it for me and said to me "Welcome to Hawaii".
I personally think that is pretty awesome to get welcomed to the island.
After that we went to some other antique stores. I found a number of records for $1 -Cat Steven's Teaser And The Fire Cat And Quincey Jones The dude...just to name a few.
We eventually got a nice cup of kona coffee which tasted amazing. At this retro coffee shop in uptown Kona and I saw a record clock that I wanted. It wasn't for sale.
Overall it was good to see our family friend Michael. His wife asked us if we wanted to go to a Luau and she said she whould gives us more details closer to the day. That event is what is coming up on the trip and on the next blog.
Until next time,

The record clock I saw in the coffee shop.
A Rolling Stones concert poster I saw in a antique store.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Look Back At This School Year

So when I look  back at the this school year I think I have done really well, and have made all my teachers and cea's proud of me. I know that God is smiling down on me as I write this post. Wow such a good feeling to have your daddy so proud of you.
Thanks HCS school community.
Thanks Mrs.Allen for the countless quotes this year, and the book to put my quotes  in.  It is looking great.
Mr. K you have been an awesome principal to me this year. Many thanks for making math enjoyable  this year, all the funny jokes you have, and fun personality.
This opportunity  to blog is the best thing ever.
So thanks for all the readers who read mixtaperevoultion101.
 There is much to come from mixtaperevoution101.
This is just the beginning of the journey.
Until next time,

Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 2 April 28th Seattle To Kona

Day 2
Hey Everybody! It’s day 2 of my trip.
It was really awesome to watch a movie with Wil. He makes his popcorn specialty. It lacks salt for my liking but if you guys didn’t know already, I am a ‘saltaholic.’
The next day we were on our way to Kona, the big island in Hawaii. The plane ride there was ok. Free soda and snacks won me over. Sprite was my regular request from the flight attendants.
We rented a digi player that played music and movies. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any electronic music section which I was disappointed by.
The machine gliched several times on me which the flight attendants were getting annoyed by me requesting new ones.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Effects Of Bullying

Bullying seems to be a constant issue in our school community. When I think of a bully, I think of someone that is hurting inside and needs to do something with all the hate, anger and broken heartedness. Being bullied is hard to go through at any age. It is a tough issue to address but I think we should stand as a generation and make a difference in this. Bullying can happen to anyone and anywhere and even a bully can be bullied . The three main points I want to make are, the effects of bullying, why bullies bully, and how we can change.

First, I want to say that anyone who has been bullied can end up losing their life . For example, our dear friend,  Amanda Todd, was bullied so much it lead to her suicide this past October. Other struggles may include emotional stress, low self esteem, cutting arms to ease the pain and try to escape all problems that around them. But did that help ? Not one bit !

The most popular question I think in bullying is, why does the bully bully other kids? I personally think this is because the bully, when he or she bullies, it  makes them feel better inside. Because they have been bullied in his or her past years.

In this tough world, we have to stand as a whole school community and as a generation. Let’s stop this big issue around the whole world. We need to address the issue and put action and change to it right away. Also, resolve it.  If you're the bully just  ask for forgiveness from who ever you bullied.

This video is a spoken word about issue I talked about. Grab the kleenex right away!
It was written by Shane Koyczan.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

On the way to the big island of hawaii April 27th 2013

We started off our trip to Seattle, stopped in Hope for a coffee with my dad's friend. I got a really yummy peanut butter cookie.
I'm excited to see my third cousin Will (that means that he was my grandpa's first cousin) We had dinner at a little chinese place..... man, was it really good.We stayed the night at Will's house and went to church with him the next day.
I got to ride in a  1965 gold mustang so much fun. Very classic and old school I like it since it was that old.
Will showed this vinyl records and I saw some that I recognized like Bryan Duncan, Micheal W Smith and Elvis-gospel. He said I could have two crates of vinyl. I was pretty excited about that!

I saw my other third cousin Tom and I felt like I really conntected with him since I never have met him before. He is the owner of the 1965 mustang.

 Lately I have been listening to a really awesome freestyle from the artist Dj Crosswalk. He basically mixes a hip hop podcast and the genre is 'trap'. I will tell you if you don't already what it is. It is bass music without the "drop"like dubstep on the other hand.
 here is the link for the freestyle mix (And it is free to download !)

I will keep you guys posted with more what am doing on my trip :)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Videos Of The Week

Hey guys got a couple of cool videos to show you guys hope you like them.

First one is a spoken word video I came across. Man is it ever awesome.

Second is a top 10 screaming goat compilation

Third is a song by the famous British rapper LZ7 and the famous band Family Force Five

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Indie Rock Meet JoyfulDoor

I am excited about an upcoming local band called JoyfulDoor. They have a progressive Indie rock sound with faith based lyrics. They have such an amazing sound that will take them far!

The members of Joyful Door are Zac Gauthier, James Balehowsky and Steve Wickenheiser.
They played at a local record store called Milkcrate Records on January 18, 2013. I heard it was a good show. Here is their newest song called Calcuim.

Recently, they have opened for Starfield and David Crowder Band at RUSH, which  is a  youth conference that's takes place in BC Canada. The band won talnet search at RUSH, you guys rock!

Thanks so much for connecting with me and taking the time to get to know me!

Never stop being the awesome guys that you are!

Check them out at this link

This is artwork is by Kelsie (James's wife) very epic
 (and their cat Pancakes)

Indie rock meet JoyfulDoor.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Videos Of The Week

Hey dudes got some videos to show you guys.

Dang do I love baby monkeys.
Here is the link: (see what  I mean ).

Second is a song by a sick guy I met two weeks or something.
 His name is Nate Lenz a friend of mine  I met at a rush 2013 (A youth conference).

 Here is a song he wrote that is pretty sick hope you like it.

Here is the link:

Third is a song by Rogue that beat Flux p on the beatport charts came on top number .

Here is the link for the song:.

Congrats Man :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Videos Of The Week

Sup homies! 

  Just shooting you guys some new videos to watch

this first is two guys doing pop up poetry on a subway

so here is the link

this second is a dj i came across this is him at a  dj expo battle

so here is the link

this third is a rick mercer video on war of  1812

so here it is the link